Project Name
Location Scope of Work
Sparta505 student housing San Jose, CA 7 story ground up construction of 79 residential units with 288 beds and 4 retail units.
Pinefino Mixed Use South San Francisco, CA 5 story ground up construction of 69 residential units and 2 retail units.
Pinedera Mixed Use Millbrae, CA 4 story ground up construction of 54 residential condo units and 10 retail units with underground parking.
Kentwood Center San Jose, CA 10,000 sf ground up construction of 8 business condos.
Warm Springs Court Plaza Fremont, CA 35,000 sf ground up construction of mixed use retail and office center
Vineyard Pavilion Ontario, CA 100,000 sf ground up construction of a new shopping center
International Restaurant Village Rancho Cucamonga, CA 52,000 sf ground up restaurant complex comprising of 10 buildings
Bedford Plaza Hayward, CA New construction and Renovation of a 50,000 sq ft Shopping Plaza
Mission Square Shopping Ctr Fremont, CA Fire restoration and renovation
Golden Gate Christian Church San Francisco, CA Major renovation of a 3-story building
MoonStar Restaurant Daly City, CA TI addition and renovation for restaurant
Dental Center Union City, CA Install Aluminum Composite Panel on the exterior of a ground up Dental Center

Koi Garden Restaurant

Dublin, CA TI of a 8,000 sf Seafood Restaurant.
Apple Computer Cupertino, CA TI-Aluminum Panels in lobby and conference rooms
Safeway Supermarket San Francisco, CA 5 hexagonal towers using Aluminum Composite Panels on rooftop
Marina Food Fremont, CA TI for a brand new supermarket
Marina Supermarket Cupertino, CA TI-Food area using aluminum composite panels and stainless steel tubes
Jeffrey's Hamburger Menlo Park, CA Install Aluminum Composite Panels for 2 marquee signs
The Counter Restaurant San Jose, CA Stainless Steel Railing for the food courtyard in the Santana Row Shopping Center
Orchard Business Center San Jose, CA TI-Stainless Steel Railing for the stairs and corridor


  Pinewave Corporation