LB Commercial Construction Inc., known as LBCCI, commenced with a clear vision: to be a leader in construction solutions.  Our mission is to provide our Clients with a complete solution to building construction as a General Contractor.  We provide a full array of general contracting services including building shell, tenant improvement, and facilities construction.  Our management team has proven strong performance in these areas, with the ability to deliver a consistently superior standard of service on time and within budget.  Our mission is to meet our clients' needs in every aspect of construction.  

Our mission is also to become the most innovative, the best in class and the first choice of our customers through the commitment of each member of the company to provide customers with the highest standard of Quality, Value, Accuracy, Timeliness and Service.   

We are dedicated to investing in new technologies to improve our production, presentation and communications.  We believe any new technologies that can better service our clients, improve field to office communications is worth the investment.

We believe the best way to serve our clients starts with a detail, complete, honest and fair bid.  We believe it is unethical to put forth a low bid to win the business and make up the profit with Change Orders.  Our track records show that we issued probably the fewest Charge Orders in the business, a key in winning repeat businesses.  Our experience enables us to spot deficiencies and inconsistencies in the drawings and RFI's (Request For Information) will be issued even during the bidding process.