HIGHLIGHTED CURRENT PROJECTS                                                                                         
Project Name
Location Scope of Work
Warm Springs Court Plaza Fremont, CA 35,000 sf ground up construction of mixed use retail and office center
Vineyard Pavilion Ontario, CA 100,000 sf ground up construction of a new shopping center
International Restaurant Vllg Rancho Cucamonga, CA 52,000 sf ground up restaurant complex comprising of 10 buildings
Bedford Plaza Hayward, CA New construction and Renovation of a 50,000 sq ft Shopping Plaza
Mission Square Shopping Ctr Fremont, CA Fire restoration and renovation
Golden Gate Christian Church San Francisco, CA Major renovation of a 3-story building
MoonStar Restaurant Daly City, CA TI addition and renovation for restaurant
Dental Center Union City, CA Install Aluminum Composite Panel on the exterior of a ground up Dental Center

Koi Garden Restaurant

Dublin, CA TI of a 8,000 sf Seafood Restaurant.
Apple Computer Cupertino, CA TI-Aluminum Panels in lobby and conference rooms
Safeway Supermarket San Francisco, CA 5 hexagonal towers using Aluminum Composite Panels on rooftop
Marina Food Fremont, CA TI for a brand new supermarket
Marina Supermarket Cupertino, CA TI-Food area using aluminum composite panels and stainless steel tubes
Jeffrey's Hamburger Menlo Park, CA Install Aluminum Composite Panels for 2 marquee signs
The Counter Restaurant San Jose, CA Stainless Steel Railing for the food courtyard in the Santana Row Shopping Center
Orchard Business Center San Jose, CA TI-Stainless Steel Railing for the stairs and corridor


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